Gawker Artists Presents Mom & POPism

Gawker Artists Presents Mom & POPism

&pageGawker Artists Presents Mom & POPismOn August 4th, Gawker Artists curator, Liz Dimmitt, joined street artist, Billi Kid, for MOM & POPism, a celebration of James and Karla Murray’s book, Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York.

The event gave the art community an opportunity to bask in the nostalgia of the New York City of yesteryear.

The book’s photos of iconic Mom & Pop shops from the five boroughs were blown up and mounted on panels surrounding Gawker Media’s NoLita rooftop.  NYC graffiti and street artists painted and designed new pieces of art directly on the panels to mix past with present. Over 300 guests, including members of the Gawker Artists community, press and fans, mingled on the rooftop amid the storefronts, admiring the work and creating a microcosm of NYC’s past.

Browse the image gallery below to check out the event. Get a taste of MOM & POPism for yourself at the public viewing on August 15th on the Gawker Media rooftop.


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